What devices are Reggie® Education friendly?

You can use Reggie® with Apple iOS devices including the iPod Touch (2nd generation and up), iPhone and iPad. Reggie® is fully iOS5 compatible and will also work on any Apple device running Apple iOS 4.0 or higher.

You can also use Reggie with Android OS devices. Reggie® is fully compatible with Android version 2.2 (Froyo) and above.

How does Reggie® Education integrate with SIMS?

Reggie® communicates directly to SIMS via the Contact Group data portal.

How secure is Reggie® Education?

Completely secure, as devices must be registered to use the Reggie® app and both device and user data is also encrypted. Users are uniquely tied to specific devices only and must input a username, password and school ID.

The schools are given the option of using of an SSL Certificate on the server running the Reggie® web services, which will encrypt all data sent between device and server to prevent it being intercepted.

What are Reggie® Educations mobile device requirements?

Apple iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad with iOS 5+ installed on device.

Android OS 2.2+ installed on an Android compatible device.

Why can’t I login?

Your username and / or password may be incorrect. If you can’t remember either of these, please contact GSD®.

Check your Wi-Fi connection launching your web browser and visiting a website.

Your 30 day trial may have expired. Please contact GSD® to confirm number of trial days left.

I’m using an SSL certificate but the Reggie® Education web services won’t work?

Please ensure that https has been prepended to the start of your Reggie® web services URL.